Benefits of Tipper Hire Altrincham

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Are you unsure of what type of waste removal you need? Here at UK Aggregates and Plant, we have Tipper Hire Altrincham services for your needs!

UKAP are a fully licenced Waste Carrier and operates to both commercial and domestic customers.

This latest UKAP blog explains our Tipper Hire Altrincham services and why you should use them!

The Benefits of Tipper Hire Altrincham

Heavy Transport of Materials

UKAP Tipper Hire Altrincham trucks are designed to transport heavy waste loads through difficult working conditions.

A UKAP tipper lorry can quickly remove up to 20 tonnes of waste from your site, helping you to maintain a site which is clean and clear of rubbish throughout the duration of your project.

One grab wagon has the same capacity as two builders’ skips, making it ideal for removing the collateral of your project.

No storage issues

Machines like tippers are valuable and will need a storage space if purchased and not in use.

Hiring UKAP’s tipper service removes the inconvenience of storing or worrying about your tipper.

Our Tipper Hire Altrincham services ensure we get the job done efficiently and out of your hair!


The machinery cost is not cheap, so using our tipper hire services is the more affordable and better option.

Paying for large construction equipment could damage your budget with the long-term investment needed with such machinery.

Furthermore, the cost of maintaining and repairing any damage to the tippers is much higher than renting/hiring a tipper.

Adaptable from job to job

Our eight-wheeler wagons are fully equipped with camera systems, weigh loaders, and chapter 8 and adaptable enough to perform tasks on varying sites with different health and safety procedures.

They all meet current highway specifications, with additional cameras and warning systems to ensure road safety.


Hire durations are flexible as you don’t always know the full extent of your needs in advance. You can hire a grab wagon and man, or tipper wagon and man on a ‘by the load basis’ or by the day or week.

Any of our team can happily advise you on the best specifications for your needs and can use their expertise to recommend the best tipper hire package which works for you.

Sustainable Waste Removal

As fully licensed waste carriers, we not only deal with your waste removal, but we can also arrange for waste disposal.

We aim to recycle all waste to help reduce our environmental impact as much as possible, striving to achieve zero percentage wastage to landfill.

We want to keep our carbon footprint to the bare minimum by utilising the most modern machinery available in our waste transfer station and maximising the use of alternative fuels within our processes.

Using UKAP grab wagons and tipper hire for your waste removal is actively playing your part in the sustainable removal of waste.

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All of our drivers are fully trained and well versed in health and safety, so we can ensure that all on-site the implications of their processes are understood.

If you want to learn more about our Tipper Hire Altrincham services, call us on 01606 277 606 today!