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Aggregate Supplies in Warrington can be difficult to find, especially with so many businesses across the region promising the earth but not delivering on their promise!

At UKAP Ltd, we deliver the goods and services you need at the agreed price and quantity. No hidden motives; what you see is what you get!

We can supply a vast range of aggregate supplies in Warrington. Any raw materials you may need for a building, construction or landscaping project.

In our latest blog, we’ll discuss what aggregate supplies Warrington we provide.

Producing our aggregates in bulk at UKAP means we’re able to offer incredibly competitive prices compared to builders’ merchants who may charge a mark-up on the materials!

Types of Aggregate Supplies available in Warrington

As well as bulk bags, we also have many materials as loose loads.

We currently offer a whole host of aggregate supplies and materials. These include:


Sand is ideal for several construction projects. UKAP can provide Sharp Sand & Grit Sand.

Perfect for bricklaying, we also have a finer Builders Sand that is easy to mix with water and cement.

This mixture can easily make concrete and mortar ideal for laying bricks, patio slabs and blocks.


A mix of sand and stone, ballast from UKAP comes in two sizes; 10mm and 20mm.

20mm ballast has many uses and can create high-quality concrete, ideal for paths, laying foundations and hard-wearing flooring.


UKAP Gravel includes shingle, pea shingle and other variations.

Uneasily degraded with low absorbency, gravel is an excellent choice for base layers and foundation work.

Made up predominantly of construction, quarry or crushed rock waste, when opting for this type of Aggregate Supplies in Warrington, you should compress before adding to upper layers.

This ensures a sustainable level of supportive quality to withstand pressure over time.

Type1 MOT (Hardcore)

Hardcore is a term that describes solid, not easily degraded materials of low absorbency.

Ideal for creating base layers upon heavy load-bearing stone construction projects and will provide the necessary strength and drainage.

Crushed Concrete

At UKAP, we offer Type 1 Crushed Concrete, 3in Crushed Concrete with Fines and other variations available in both 20mm and 40mm.


Topsoil is a rich soil screened to remove all impurities, making it the highest quality soil available in today’s aggregate market.

Its many uses include improving soil quality, grass seeding and flower beds; it’s a landscaper’s dream material!

Our topsoil is certified to BS3882 – (the British standard for topsoil).

Decorative Stone

We have numerous decorative stone options to create your perfect outdoor or garden space.

Choose from Blue slate chippings, Cotswold chippings, Scottish pebbles and cobbles, as well as much more!


Affordable, lightweight and versatile, Limestone is a permeable aggregate.

A porous material ideal for maintaining natural drainage, we have 6mm, 10mm and 20mm grades available for various uses.

Recycled Aggregates

Our Recycled Aggregates include Road Planning’s, Construction and Demolition Waste and Clean Concrete (CF2) and are available in bulk.

Using these sustainable products reduces waste, can help preserve valuable mineral resources and reduce our products’ carbon footprint.

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