Grab Wagon / Tipper Hire

Anyone on the inside of the construction industry knows it’s often a messy job. From managing the removal of tonnes of inert waste to making sure deadlines don’t slip because a few logistics are causing problems, keeping all of this running smoothly isn’t always easy. This is where UKAP Grab Wagon come in!

With our years of experience, there isn’t a waste removal problem we’ve not seen and our modern fleet of 8-wheel grab lorries provides an effective waste removal service that can rescue many a construction project. 

Waste is a standard by-product of construction jobs and depending on the size of your project can be quite a hefty one. But it’s unavoidable and large or small, your waste needs to be removed appropriately 

Skips are often hired for this but Grab Hire, or “Muckaway” as it is often referred to within the industry, is a more flexible means of waste removal that is more cost-effective than skips. UKAPs combined fleet of Scania and DAF wagons are a mixture of grab wagons and tippers hired for:

  • muck shifts
  • aggregate supply
  • backfilling and reinstatement
  • removal of inert, non-hazardous materials
  • removal of hazardous materials

Our 8 wheeler wagons are all fully equipped with camera systems, weigh loaders, chapter 8 and are adaptable enough to perform tasks on varying sites with different health and safety procedures. They all meet current highway specifications too with additional cameras and warning systems to ensure safety on roads at all times.


Why Hire A Grabber Wagon Instead Of A Skip?

Let’s cut to the chase – there are so many more logistics to consider with skip hire that it’s almost a no-brainer to opt for grab hire. Disrupting traffic during the skip delivery and collection, accessibility, taking up valuable space for the location of the skip or seeking parking permits maybe just a few of the considerations you’ll have. 


Cue UKAP grab wagons. Ideal for removing the collateral of your projects far more efficiently, your inert soil, hardcore, muck, building rubbish, bricks, concrete and mixed waste are as good as gone:

  • One grab wagon has the same capacity as two builders skips
  • Reduced manpower as no need for manual loading of skips with wheelbarrows
  • No additional large machines or equipment needed on site as the lorry loads itself
  • Reach inaccessible materials by grabbing over walls or hedges
  • Quick turnarounds of around 30 minutes limit disruption
  • No ongoing skip hire costs or paying for permits allowing skips to be left on roads


A UKAP tipper lorry can quickly remove up to 20t of waste from your site helping you to maintain a site which is clean and clear of rubbish throughout the duration of your project. We can provide slew limiters as well as being able to supply wagons with brick grab or hook attachments instead of clamshell attachments so speak to our team if you need to explore alternative waste removal solutions.

All of our drivers are fully trained and well versed in health and safety so can ensure the implications of their processes are understood by all on-site. That’s pretty important when you’re dealing with a grab wagon with a 7 metre reach, removings tonnes of waste over walls and fences or around trees or houses!


Hire durations are totally flexible as you don’t always know the full extent of your needs in advance. You can hire a grab wagon and man, or tipper wagon and man on a ‘by the load basis’ or by the day or week. Any of our team can happily advise you on the best specifications for your needs and can use their expertise to recommend the best tipper hire package which works for you.

Sustainable Waste Removal 

With the scale of the waste some projects have, you can’t ignore that it needs to go somewhere. As fully licensed waste carriers, we not only deal with your waste removal, we can arrange for the waste disposal too.

As a company our aim is to recycle all waste to help reduce our environmental impact as much as possible, striving to achieve zero percentage wastage to landfill. Our aim as a company is to to keep our carbon footprint down to the bare minimum, by utilising the most modern machinery available in our waste transfer station and maximising the use of alternative fuels within our processes.

Not only will your rubble be put to good use, but our continuous investment ensures that we have the most environmentally friendly, modern and cost-effective wagon fleet available in the current market.

We know it’s possibly not top of your agenda when faced with a mountain of muck, but the truth is there’s a lot of wasted energy in construction. The mass production of materials to meet the ever-growing demands of the construction industry uses a lot of valuable resources, and we feel that disposing of perfectly good waste which could be recycled is irresponsible.

Using UKAP grab wagons and tipper hire for your waste removal is actively playing your part in the sustainable removal of waste. That’s in addition to our grab wagons being one of the best solutions to getting rid of your muck.

We pride ourselves on keeping things simple. 


Inaccessible rubble?

No room for a skip?

Been let down by another firm?


No problem. Just pile up your waste and give us a call. Before you can say ‘clear as mud’ we’ll have a grab wagon or tipper truck on its way.