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Grab Hire Services

Aggregates Wilmslow

UKAP Ltd have a wide range of aggregates and provide expert services that include:

Competitive Pricing

At UK Aggregates and Plant Ltd, we focus on economies of scale to offer competitive prices. By dealing directly, we cut costs for you without compromising quality. We aim to provide value through operational efficiency and fair pricing.

On-Time Delivery

We know time is crucial in construction. That’s why we offer same-day delivery or collection to keep your project on track. Once you order, we act fast to ensure your materials arrive when you need them.

Expert Guidance

With UKAP, you get more than materials; you get a partner. Our team of professionals is ready to help with product advice and usage tips. Reach out anytime for expert assistance.

Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability is key to us. Our focus on Construction Waste Management involves using eco-friendly practices and technology to reduce waste. By choosing us, you support the environment and uphold your corporate social responsibility.

Grab Wagon in Wilmslow

A Versatile Fleet

Our fleet of Scania and DAF lorries, including grab lorries and tippers, ensures we’re ready to tackle various tasks, from muck shifts and backfilling to removing hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

Safety and Compliance

The well-being of your team and the adherence to industry regulations are paramount.

Our fleet includes 8-wheeler Wagons equipped with the latest safety technology, including camera systems and weigh loaders. This not only safeguards our personnel but also your project’s compliance and operational flow.

Sustainable Waste Removal

Removing rubbish is an intrinsic part of any construction project, and here at UKAP, we’re reimagining waste management.

We aim to recycle all waste, striving for a zero-waste-to-landfill model. Our modern machinery and use of alternative fuels underline our commitment to sustainability, ensuring that our operations leave a responsible footprint.

Tipper Hire Wilmslow

Flexible Solutions

We understand that every project, like every client, is unique. Our flexible approach to tipper hire services means that we can tailor our solutions to match the demands of your undertaking precisely.

Whether you need a tipper for contracting work, muck shifts, or general earthwork, we have the right vehicle for you.


In an ever-connected world, keeping a finger on the pulse of your operations is non-negotiable.

All our tipper wagons come fitted with a suite of cutting-edge technology, including live cameras, tracking systems, and telematics. This not only ensures maximum compliance but also allows us to optimise our service delivery continually.

Eco-Friendly Fleet

Our modern fleet of tipper wagons isn’t just technologically advanced – it’s also environmentally friendly.

With the capacity to transport up to 20 tonnes, you can rely on us to efficiently move your waste and materials with a clear conscience.

We’re committed to the responsible disposal of materials and are fully authorised to handle inert, non-hazardous, and hazardous waste.

Your Trusted Waste Carrier

We’re more than just a tipper hire service; we’re a responsible waste carrier dedicated to the highest standards of service and environmental stewardship.

Whether you’re a commercial enterprise or a private customer, you can trust UKAP to manage your waste with efficiency, compliance, and sustainability at the forefront.

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