The different types of bulk aggregates supply

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When it comes to bulk bag aggregate supply, we’ve definitely got you covered at UKAP!

We supply and produce a wide range of high-quality aggregates and raw materials for building, construction and landscaping projects. As leading North-West suppliers covering Northwich, Cheshire, Manchester and the surrounding areas, we’re able to provide aggregate materials in bulk bags as well as loose loads.

Our bulk aggregate service is ideal for keeping your work environment clean, tidy and organised as well as saving valuable space. Producing our aggregates in bulk at UKAP also means we’re able to offer incredibly competitive prices in comparison to builders’ merchants, who may charge a mark-up on the materials.

Our latest blog will cover the different types of bulk aggregate supply that we currently have on offer at UKAP, UK Aggregates & Plant Ltd.


Sand –

Including Sharp Sand, Building Sand and Grit Sand

With our bulk sand aggregates, we can cater to many jobs and needs. We also provide a finer builders sand that can be mixed with water and cement to make concrete and mortar for laying bricks, patio slabs and blocks. Learn more here.


Ballast –

Including 10 and 20mm

Ballast is a mix of sand and stone; at UKAP, we offer Ballast in 10mm stone or 20mm stone. The 20mm Ballast is a versatile material that can make high-quality concrete for paths, foundations and concrete floors.



Numerous varieties of shingle available

Gravel is classed as hardcore material. This is because it is not easily degradable and has a low absorbency, making an excellent base material and solid foundation.

However, the materials like gravel should be compressed before adding any upper layers to ensure the supportive quality of gravel to withstand pressure over time.

In bulk aggregate, we can supply gravel in various sizes/forms from dust to 40mm.


Limestone & Granite –

Like gravel, limestone and granite are classed as hardcore material. Limestone and/or granite are ideal to use as sub-base for driveways and paths (when compacted) and have excellent load-bearing properties. Learn more about our Type 1 MOT (Hardcore) materials here.

Available in dust to 40mm.


Crushed concrete –

Numerous varieties available including Type 1 crushed concrete & 3inch crushed concrete with fines

Our bulk Crushed Concrete aggregate consists of crushed rock and stone dust to create a low-void content sub base for construction and building projects. At UKAP, we have Type 1 Crushed Concrete, 3inch Crushed Concrete with Fines and other variations available in both 20mm and 40mm.


Topsoil –

Including blended, premium & soil conditioner

Topsoil is rich soil that has been screened to remove contaminants. It has many uses, such as improving soil quality, grass seeding and flower beds.

UKAP’s topsoil is certified to BS3882 – (the British standard for topsoil)!

We can supply bulk topsoil orders to most specifications. We specialise in providing topsoil that meets strict NHBC topsoil requirements. As well as soil analysis and samples on all our topsoil stocks before delivery to your site.


Decorative Stone –

Numerous varieties available including Cotswold chippings

Perfect for that back-garden update that you’ve been planning, our range of Decorative Stone Aggregates are a cost-effective way to transform any outdoor area and garden space.

Choose from Slate, Gravel, Dashing Spars, Blue Slate Chippings, Cotswold Chippings, Scottish Pebbles and Cobbles to match your design ambitions!


Recycled aggregates –

Our Recycled Aggregates include Road Planings, Construction and Demolition Waste and Clean Concrete (CF2) and are available in bulk.

Using these sustainable products reduces waste, can help preserve valuable mineral resources and reduces the carbon footprint of our products.


Interested in this service? Call UKAP on 01606 277 606, and we’ll be more than happy to supply your bulk aggregate supply of choice!