Why should I choose Grab Wagon Hire over a Skip?

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Are you struggling to decide whether you need grab wagon hire or skip hire? UKAP Ltd have all the answers for you!

UKAP are a fully licenced Waste Carrier and operates to both commercial and domestic customers.

This latest blog will explain everything you need to know about grab wagon hire from UKAP!

Why should I choose UKAP’s Grab Wagon Hire over a Skip?

When it comes to waste collection and removal, choosing UKAP’s Grab Wagon Hire over a Skip can provide you with far more advantages.

Not only do you get the same equivalent capacity of two skips, but you also benefit from reduced manpower and no need for additional large machines or equipment on site.

UKAP’s Grab Wagons are incredibly efficient and capable of loading itself whilst you remain in control with an experienced operator who is fully trained to use the wagon safely.

This means that the disruption to traffic is kept to a minimum during delivery and collection and reduces any potential risks associated with manual labour.

Another great benefit of using UKAP’s Grab Wagons is that they can access otherwise complex spaces and locations; a skip may not be able to access them due to size or lack of space available. This means that your project can proceed without any limitations or inconveniences.

Not only that but when compared to skip hire, there are numerous logistical savings, too, such as no requirement for parking permits or taking up valuable space for the location of a skip.

You’ll also find that grab wagons are cost-effective compared to traditional skips; which make them ideal for small-medium sites and buildings where budget restrictions may apply.

Our Grab Wagons can carry up to 20t of waste, which is more than enough for most projects, and our wagons feature either brick grab or hook attachments instead of clamshell attachments,

This makes them versatile enough to handle a wide range of materials while being much easier and safer to load than a skip.

Our drivers are fully trained in health and safety and will ensure your site remains clear and tidy throughout the project.

What Sustainable Waste Procedures do UKAP Provide?

UKAP provides a range of sustainable waste procedures to help reduce our environmental impact.

We strive to achieve zero per cent wastage to landfill and have equipped our waste transfer station with the most modern machinery available.

This includes efficient recycling equipment and alternative fuel technologies to ensure we keep our carbon footprint down as much as possible.

We also offer collection services, meaning that we can collect your waste from any UK location and responsibly transport it for disposal or recycling.

UKAP use only the latest fleet of vehicles fitted with safety features, and all comply with current regulations.

All drivers receive regular training on safe loading practices to ensure their waste is handled carefully and securely during transit.

Our advanced processing methods allow us to recycle more than 90% of all collected materials, including concrete, wood, metal, plastic, paper, cardboard and other industrial objects.

We also accept hazardous materials such as paints and chemicals for specialised waste disposal. Our aim is not only to recycle but also reuse wherever possible; this allows us to cut back on wastage and energy consumption while minimising our environmental impact as much as possible.

In addition to these measures, we ensure that all our recyclable products remain separated from non-recyclable material throughout their transportation process so that each can be appropriately recycled when they reach their destination.

By adhering to these standards, we can safely dispose of all materials responsibly whilst reducing their environmental impact.

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